153 Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid Varieties

Phalaenopsis orchids, commonly known as moth orchids, are a stunning addition to any indoor space. With their vibrant, long-lasting blooms and relatively low maintenance requirements, they have gained immense popularity among both novice and experienced gardeners. In this comprehensive guide, I will delve into the world of Phalaenopsis orchids, exploring their characteristics, providing a step-by-step plant care guide, discussing common problems, propagation methods, and offering tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Characteristics of Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids are part of the Orchidaceae family and are native to tropical regions in Asia and Australia. They are recognized for their unique features:

Common Names: Moth orchid, Phalaenopsis, phals

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis spp.

Family: Orchidaceae

Plant Type: Perennial, herbaceous

These captivating orchids are characterized by their arching flower stalks adorned with numerous flower buds. The blossoms themselves come in a stunning array of colors, including white, pink, purple, yellow, peach, and burgundy, often featuring intricate patterns and veining. Phalaenopsis orchids typically produce large, leathery, evergreen leaves that provide a lush backdrop to their exquisite flowers.

Growing Phalaenopsis Orchids Indoors

One of the key factors contributing to the popularity of Phalaenopsis orchids is their suitability for indoor cultivation, making them an excellent choice for home gardeners. Here’s how to successfully grow Phalaenopsis orchids indoors:

Sunlight: Phalaenopsis orchids require bright but indirect sunlight. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, which can scorch their leaves. During the winter, you can place them in a south-facing or east-facing window with filtered light. Rotating the orchid periodically ensures even growth.

Artificial Light: In situations with insufficient natural light, you can use supplemental grow lights. Fluorescent tubes, specifically 40 or 74 watts depending on length, are a popular choice. Position the orchid approximately 12 inches beneath the light source.

Temperature and Humidity: Phalaenopsis orchids thrive in warm conditions, with daytime temperatures ranging from 70°F to 80°F (21°C to 27°C) and nighttime temperatures between 60°F to 65°F (16°C to 18°C). They prefer humidity levels between 50% and 70%. To maintain ideal humidity, you can use a humidifier or a humidity tray.

Watering: Phalaenopsis orchids have a lower tolerance for drought due to their monopodial growth. During the growing season, water them weekly or when their exposed roots turn silvery white. Water thoroughly, allowing excess water to drain. Reduce watering frequency during the flowering season.

Fertilizer: Feed your orchid with a diluted orchid fertilizer every third or fourth week during the growing season (summer). Skip fertilization during fall, winter, and spring to avoid excessive foliage growth. Some growers opt for a “bloom booster” in September or October to encourage flower spikes.

Pruning and Maintenance: Prune mature orchids annually during their dormancy period after the blooms have faded. Cut the stem back to one inch above a node to stimulate new growth. Remove brown or black leaves and trim unhealthy roots. Leave aerial roots intact, as they are normal for Phalaenopsis orchids.

Types of Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids are incredibly diverse, with about 60 true species and thousands of hybrids. Some popular varieties include:

1. Phalaenopsis Abba

2. Phalaenopsis Almaho – Phalaenopsis Schilleriana x Speciosa

3. Phalaenopsis Almanis – Phalaenopsis Mannii x Tetraspis

4. Phalaenopsis Amabilis

5. Phalaenopsis Amboinensis

6. Phalaenopsis Aphrodite

7. Phalaenopsis Appendiculata

8. Phalaenopsis Aquarelle

9. Phalaenopsis Aromio

10. Phalaenopsis Autumn Wind

11. Phalaenopsis Bastianii

12. Phalaenopsis Beaumont

13. Phalaenopsis Bellina

14. Phalaenopsis Borneensis

15. Phalaenopsis Buddha’s Treasure

16. Phalaenopsis Buffalo

17. Phalaenopsis Buttercup

18. Phalaenopsis Buyssoniana

19. Phalaenopsis Calimero

20. Phalaenopsis Cambridge

21. Phalaenopsis Castor

22. Phalaenopsis Celebensis

23. Phalaenopsis Charmer

24. Phalaenopsis Chibae

25. Phalaenopsis Cleopatra

26. Phalaenopsis Cobrion

27. Phalaenopsis Cochlearis

28. Phalaenopsis Coral

29. Phalaenopsis Corningiana

30. Phalaenopsis Cornu-cervi

31. Phalaenopsis David Lim

32. Phalaenopsis Deliciosa

33. Phalaenopsis Difformis

34. Phalaenopsis Doritis

35. Phalaenopsis Doweryensis

36. Phalaenopsis Equalacea

37. Phalaenopsis Equestris

38. Phalaenopsis Esmee

39. Phalaenopsis Fasciata

40. Phalaenopsis Fimbriata

41. Phalaenopsis Finleyi

42. Phalaenopsis Floresensis

43. Phalaenopsis Frontera

44. Phalaenopsis Frozen

45. Phalaenopsis Fucsia

46. Phalaenopsis Fuscata

47. Phalaenopsis Geisha

48. Phalaenopsis Gibbosa – Phalaenopsis Thailandica

49. Phalaenopsis Gigabell

50. Phalaenopsis Gigantea

51. Phalaenopsis Grazia

52. Phalaenopsis Guadalupe Pineda

53. Phalaenopsis Helga Lukassen

54. Phalaenopsis Hieroglyphica

55. Phalaenopsis Honghenensis

56. Phalaenopsis Hygrochila

57. Phalaenopsis Hymen

58. Phalaenopsis Inscriptiosinensis

59. Phalaenopsis Irene Dobkin

60. Phalaenopsis Jaguar

61. Phalaenopsis Japonica

62. Phalaenopsis Javanica

63. Phalaenopsis Jena

64. Phalaenopsis Jillion

65. Phalaenopsis Joshua Irwin Ginsberg

66. Phalaenopsis Kaoda Twinkle

67. Phalaenopsis Kapuasensis

68. Phalaenopsis Kenneth Schubert

69. Phalaenopsis Kunstleri

70. Phalaenopsis Kv Charmer

71. Phalaenopsis La Paz

72. Phalaenopsis Labukensis

73. Phalaenopsis Lamelligera

74. Phalaenopsis Las Vegas

75. Phalaenopsis Lea Marie Salazar

76. Phalaenopsis Leda

77. Phalaenopsis Linda Cheok

78. Phalaenopsis Lindenii

79. Phalaenopsis Lobbii

80. Phalaenopsis Lowii

81. Phalaenopsis Lueddemanniana

82. Phalaenopsis Maculata

83. Phalaenopsis Malipoensis

84. Phalaenopsis Mannii

85. Phalaenopsis Mariae

86. Phalaenopsis Marianne Schmoll

87. Phalaenopsis Marie Sophie

88. Phalaenopsis Marriottiana

89. Phalaenopsis Meen Estrella

90. Phalaenopsis Memoria Val Rettig

91. Phalaenopsis Mentawaiensis

92. Phalaenopsis Micholitzii

93. Phalaenopsis Mini Mark

94. Phalaenopsis Mirabilis

95. Phalaenopsis Miraflore

96. Phalaenopsis Modesta

97. Phalaenopsis Mozart

98. Phalaenopsis Natmataungensis

99. Phalaenopsis Odorion

100. Phalaenopsis Pallens

101. Phalaenopsis Pandora

102. Phalaenopsis Pantherina

103. Phalaenopsis Parishii

104. Phalaenopsis Pavarotti

105. Phalaenopsis Philippinensis

106. Phalaenopsis Picasso

107. Phalaenopsis Pink Panther

108. Phalaenopsis Pinyf

109. Phalaenopsis Polka Dot

110. Phalaenopsis Pulcherrima

111. Phalaenopsis Pulchra

112. Phalaenopsis Reichenbachiana

113. Phalaenopsis Rembrandt

114. Phalaenopsis Robinsonii

Robinsonii holotype.JPG
By Holotype of Phal.robinsonii preserved at Leyde ( Netherlands) – <a rel=”nofollow” class=”external free” href=”http://pagesperso-orange.fr/bernard.lagrelle/Robinsonii/Robinsonii%20holotype.JPG”>http://pagesperso-orange.fr/bernard.lagrelle/Robinsonii/Robinsonii%20holotype.JPG</a> <a rel=”nofollow” class=”external free” href=”https://medialib.naturalis.nl/file/id/L0061888_MLN/format/large”>https://medialib.naturalis.nl/file/id/L0061888_MLN/format/large</a>, Public Domain, Link

115. Phalaenopsis Rofino

116. Phalaenopsis Rothschildiana

117. Phalaenopsis Sanderiana

118. Phalaenopsis Schilleriana

119. Phalaenopsis Sensation White

120. Phalaenopsis Snowflake

121. Phalaenopsis Spica

122. Phalaenopsis Spunky

123. Phalaenopsis Stobartiana