66 Stunning Colocasia Varieties – Elephant Ears Plant

If you’re an avid plant enthusiast or just looking to add a touch of exotic beauty to your garden, the world of Colocasia varieties is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Also known as Elephant Ear plants, these striking foliage plants come in a remarkable array of shapes, sizes, and colors. From deep purples to vibrant greens, they are sure to captivate any gardening enthusiast. Let’s take a closer look at some of the mesmerizing Colocasia varieties that have captured the hearts of plant lovers around the world:

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Table of Contents

1. Colocasia Affinis Jenningsi

With its glossy, dark-green leaves, this variety adds an elegant touch to any garden.

2. Colocasia Tropical Storm

A storm of colors, this variety boasts striking leaf patterns and hues.

3. Colocasia Siam Ruby

Siam Ruby offers striking ruby-red stems and green leaves, creating a captivating contrast.

4. Colocasia Cintho Aloha

A tropical delight, Cintho Aloha features striking green leaves and is sure to transport you to an island paradise.

5. Colocasia Black Beauty

If you’re looking for drama, Black Beauty delivers with its large, dark purple-black leaves.

6. Colocasia Black Coral

This variety stands out with its intricately ruffled, dark leaves that resemble the coral of the ocean.

7. Colocasia Esculanta Illustrious

Illustrious lives up to its name with its impressive height and lush green leaves.

8. Colocasia Esculanta Lemon Lime

A pop of color in your garden, Lemon Lime showcases bright lime-green leaves that are impossible to ignore.

9. Colocasia Hawaiian Punch

With its red stems and dark green leaves, this variety packs a visual punch.

10. Colocasia Esculanta Aloha

Aloha exudes a tropical vibe with its green leaves and red stems, making it a garden favorite.

11. Colocasia Esculanta Mojito

Mojito is a real showstopper with its variegated leaves in shades of green and cream.

12. Colocasia Pink Mojito

A delightful twist on the classic Mojito, this variety adds pink accents to its variegated leaves.

13. Colocasia Variegated Mojito

For those who can’t get enough of Mojito’s charm, Variegated Mojito offers even more variation in its leaves.

14. Colocasia Black Magic

A mystic touch for your garden, Black Magic boasts dark, almost black leaves with contrasting green veins.

15. Colocasia Coffee Cup

Named for its cup-shaped leaves, this variety adds a unique and fascinating element to any collection.

16. Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask

With its intricate patterns and colors reminiscent of ancient Egypt, Pharaoh’s Mask is a true botanical gem.

17. Colocasia Black Ripple

Black Ripple brings a sense of motion to your garden with its wavy-edged, dark leaves.

18. Colocasia Affinis Schott

This variety showcases the elegance of simplicity with its lush green leaves.

19. Colocasia Heart of Jungle

True to its name, Heart of Jungle boasts leaves shaped like hearts, adding a romantic touch to your garden.

20. Colocasia Black Widow

A striking choice with dark, almost black leaves and a spider-like appearance.

21. Colocasia Black Goblet

Goblet’s large, dark leaves create a sense of depth and mystery in your garden.

22. Colocasia Painted Black Gecko

This variety’s unique leaf patterns resemble the skin of a gecko and will definitely spark conversations among guests.

23. Colocasia Black Magic Variegated

Its large, heart-shaped leaves are adorned with a mesmerizing variegation, featuring a striking blend of deep black and shades of green.

24. Colocasia Kona Coffee

With its rich brown stems and green leaves, Kona Coffee is a true delight for coffee and plant lovers alike.

25. Colocasia Maximus Gigantea

Gigantea lives up to its name with its gigantic leaves that command attention.

26. Colocasia Elepaio (Milky Way)

Known for its unique, arrow-shaped leaves, Elepaio is a rare and captivating choice.

27. Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask Variegated

This striking Colocasia variety is a stunning testament to the beauty of nature’s patterns. Its large, arrow-shaped leaves are adorned with intricate variegation, featuring a blend of rich green and yellow tones.

28. Colocasia Blue Hawaii

A tropical paradise in your garden, Blue Hawaii boasts blue-green leaves that transport you to the ocean.

29. Colocasia Royal Hawaiian

Fit for royalty, this variety offers lush, green leaves with regal presence.

30. Colocasia Dragon Heart

With its heart-shaped leaves and striking coloration, Dragon Heart is sure to steal your heart.

31. Colocasia Black Diamond

With its deep, almost black leaves, Black Diamond adds a sense of elegance to your garden.

32. Colocasia Gigantea

Another giant in the Colocasia family, Gigantea commands attention with its large, green leaves.

33. Colocasia Diamond Head

Named for its diamond-shaped leaves, this variety adds a touch of geometry to your garden.

34. Colocasia Madeira

With its maroon stems and green leaves, Madeira is a captivating choice for any garden.

35. Colocasia Wild Taro

A wild and exotic addition to your garden, Wild Taro showcases nature’s beauty at its finest.

36. Colocasia Tea Party

A charming choice with its green leaves that resemble tea cups.

37. Colocasia Elena

Elena adds an elegant touch to your garden with its delicate variegated leaves.

38. Colocasia Tea Cup

A whimsical choice with its leaves that resemble tea cups, adding a touch of playfulness to your garden.

39. Colocasia Maui Gold

Bring a touch of the Hawaiian sunset to your garden with Maui Gold’s golden-yellow leaves.

40. Colocasia Blue Gecko

This variety’s blue-green leaves create a striking contrast with its dark stems.

41. Colocasia Morning Dew

With its dewy appearance, Morning Dew adds a fresh and serene atmosphere to your garden.

42. Colocasia Sangria

Named for its rich burgundy color, Sangria is a delightful choice for those who love deep, bold hues.

43. Colocasia Esculanta Fontanesii

Fontanesii is known for its impressive size and lush green leaves.

44. Colocasia Esculanta Coco

With its creamy-white leaves, Coco brings a touch of elegance to your garden.

45. Colocasia Yellow Splash

For a burst of color, Yellow Splash showcases yellow splotches on its green leaves.

46. Colocasia Sunshine Day

A bright and cheerful choice with yellow-green leaves that resemble rays of sunshine.

47. Colocasia Antiquorum Illustris

Illustris offers a striking contrast with its dark leaves and light green veins.

48. Colocasia White Lava

A unique choice with its white-streaked leaves resembling flowing lava.

49. Colocasia Thai Giant

Known for its large leaves, Thai Giant commands attention with its tropical allure.

50. Colocasia Black Water

A dark and mysterious choice with almost black leaves that add depth to your garden.

51. Colocasia Nancy’s Revenge

A captivating option with its unique leaf patterns and hues.

52. Colocasia Black Marble

With marbled black and green leaves, Black Marble is a true work of botanical art.

53. Colocasia Victorious Gigante

Gigante combines size with beauty, offering large, striking leaves.

54. Colocasia Red Eye Gecko

Named for its striking red veins, Red Eye Gecko adds a touch of the exotic to your garden.

55. Colocasia Heterochroma

This variety’s unique leaf patterns make it a standout choice.

56. Colocasia Fallax

A compact and charming choice for smaller gardens or indoor spaces.

57. Colocasia Violet Stem

As the name suggests, Violet Stem features striking violet-colored stems.

58. Colocasia Hilo Bay

Hilo Bay adds a tropical touch with its green leaves and red stems.

59. Colocasia Coal Miner

Named for its dark, almost coal-like leaves, this variety adds a touch of mystery to your garden.

60. Colocasia Pink China

This variety offers unique pink-toned, adding a splash of color to your garden.

61. Colocasia Jack’s Giant

As the name suggests, Jack’s Giant is known for its impressive size and striking presence.

62. Colocasia Formosa

With its graceful, arrow-shaped leaves, Formosa adds a sense of movement to your garden.

63. Colocasia Calidora

Known for its gigantic leaves and regal presence, Calidora is a true showstopper.

64. Colocasia Midori Sour

Named for its greenish hue, Midori Sour brings a refreshing feel to your garden.

65. Colocasia Metallica

As its name suggests, Metallica showcases metallic sheen on its leaves.

66. Colocasia Midnight

With its dark and mysterious appearance, Midnight adds a touch of intrigue to your garden.

The world of Colocasia varieties is a testament to the stunning diversity of nature. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your botanical journey, there’s a Colocasia variety for everyone. These plants not only bring visual delight but also add a touch of the exotic to your outdoor or indoor spaces. So, explore, experiment, and let these magnificent Elephant Ear plants adorn your garden with their unique beauty.

Mother's Day is coming!

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