118 Beautiful Hibiscus Varieties

Hibiscus, with their stunning trumpet-shaped flowers and vibrant colors, are a gardener’s delight. Whether you’re nurturing these tropical beauties indoors or enjoying their presence in your outdoor garden, understanding their unique needs is essential for their healthy growth and prolific blooming. In this article, I’ll share insights into hibiscus care and growing requirements, ensuring your plants thrive and reward you with their mesmerizing blooms.

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Hibiscus Varieties

Hibiscus, encompassing over 200 species and numerous cultivars, belong to the mallow family and are native to warm tropical regions. These magnificent plants are known for their large, colorful flowers that can span up to 12 inches in diameter. While there are both perennial and annual varieties, their care requirements remain similar.

1. Hibiscus Acetosella

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2. Hibiscus Aculeatus

3. Hibiscus Aethiopicus

4. Hibiscus Aponeurus

5. Hibiscus Arnottianus

6. Hibiscus Bifurcatus

7. Hibiscus Biseptus

8. Hibiscus Boryanus

9. Hibiscus Brackenridgei

10. Hibiscus Caesius

11. Hibiscus Calyphyllus

12. Hibiscus Cameronii

13. Hibiscus Cannabinus

14. Hibiscus Clayi

15. Hibiscus Clypeatus (Congo Mahoe)

16. Hibiscus Coccineus

17. Hibiscus Columnaris

18. Hibiscus Coulteri

19. Hibiscus Dasycalyx

20. Hibiscus Denudatus

21. Hibiscus Dioscorides

22. Hibiscus Diriffan

23. Hibiscus Diversifolius

24. Hibiscus Elatus

25. Hibiscus Engleri

26. Hibiscus Erlangeri

27. Hibiscus Escobariae

28. Hibiscus Fragilis

29. Hibiscus Furcellatus

30. Hibiscus Genevii

31. Hibiscus Grandiflorus

32. Hibiscus Grewiifolius

33. Hibiscus Hamabo

34. Hibiscus Hastatus

35. Hibiscus Heterophyllus

36. Hibiscus Hirtus

37. Hibiscus Hispidissimus

38. Hibiscus Hybridus

39. Hibiscus Insularis

40. Hibiscus Kokio

41. Hibiscus Laevis

42. Hibiscus Lasiocarpos

43. Hibiscus Leptocladus

44. Hibiscus Lilacinus

45. Hibiscus Liliiflorus

46. Hibiscus Lunariifolius

47. Hibiscus Macilwraithensis

48. Hibiscus Macrophyllus

49. Hibiscus Macropodus

50. Hibiscus Makinoi

51. Hibiscus Malacophyllus

52. Hibiscus Martianus

53. Hibiscus Mesnyi

Hibiscus mesnyi flower.jpg
By Roy Bateman

54. Hibiscus Moscheutos

Swamp rose-mallow.jpg
By The Cosmonaut

55. Hibiscus Mutabilis

56. Hibiscus Paramutabilis

57. Hibiscus Phoeniceus

Hibiscus phoeniceus (5228027871).jpg
By David Eickhoff from Pearl City, Hawaii, USA

58. Hibiscus Platanifolius

In Talakona forest, AP W IMG 8206.jpg
By J.M.Garg

59. Hibiscus Pusillus

60. Hibiscus Quattenensis

61. Hibiscus Poeppigii

62. Hibiscus Radiatus

63. Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

64. Hibiscus Sabdariffa

65. Hibiscus Schizopetalus

66. Hibiscus Scottii

67. Hibiscus Socotranus

68. Hibiscus Sinosyriacus

69. Hibiscus Splendens

70. Hibiscus Stenanthus

Transactionsofro311888roy 0551.jpg
By lithographer, printer and scientific illustrator John Nugent Fitch

71. Hibiscus Striatus

72. Hibiscus Sturtii

73. Hibiscus Syriacus

74. Hibiscus Taiwanensis

75. Hibiscus Tiliaceus

76. Hibiscus Tiliaceus Variegata

77. Hibiscus Tozerensis

Hibiscus tozerensis Royal Botanic Garden Sydney flowers.jpg
By Peter Woodard

78. Hibiscus Trilobus

79. Hibiscus Trionum

80. Hibiscus Vitifolius

81. Hibiscus Waimeae

82. Hibiscus Esculentus

83. Hibiscus Ficulneus L.

Abelmoschus ficulneus (Jungli Bhendi) in Kawal, AP W IMG 2214.jpg
By J.M.Garg

84. Hibiscus Manihot L.

85. Hibiscus Abelmoschus

86. Hibiscus Sagittifolius

87. Hibiscus Hakeifolius

88. Hibiscus Patersonius

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89. Hibiscus Pentacarpos

Virginia saltmarsh mallow (Kosteletzkya virginica) (7513257570).jpg
By Bob Peterson from North Palm Beach, Florida, Planet Earth! Uploaded by Jacopo Werther

90. Hibiscus Lampas

Thespesia lampas.jpg
By Vinayaraj

91. Hibiscus Populneoides

Starr 070124-3910 Thespesia populnea.jpg
By Kim Starr

92. Hibiscus Woodbridge

93. Hibiscus Blue Chiffon

94. Hibiscus Blue Bird

95. Hibiscus Marina

96. Hibiscus Hollywood

97. Hibiscus Ardens

98. Hibiscus Pink Chiffon

99. Hibiscus Lady Stanley

100. Hibiscus Speciosus

101. Hibiscus Purple Pillar

102. Hibiscus Perfect Storm

103. Hibiscus Summer In Paradise

104. Hibiscus Diana

105. Hibiscus Gumamela

106. Hibiscus Starburst Chiffon

107. Hibiscus Kopper King

108. Hibiscus Longlife

109. Hibiscus Russian Violet

110. Hibiscus Summer Storm

111. Hibiscus Spinderella

112. Hibiscus Head Over Heels

113. Hibiscus Ultramarine

114. Hibiscus Rubra

115. Hibiscus El Capitolio

116. Hibiscus Adonicus

117. Hibiscus Butterfly

118. Hibiscus Fiji

Planting Your Hibiscus

When to Plant Hibiscus

Hibiscus can be grown from young plants or seeds. If you’re opting for young plants, spring is the ideal time for planting. For those choosing to start from seeds, consider indoor sowing 12 weeks before the last spring frost or direct outdoor sowing after the last expected frost date.

Choosing and Preparing a Planting Site

  1. Sunlight: Hibiscus thrive in full sun, but they can tolerate partial sun. However, to ensure abundant flowering, it’s best to provide them with plenty of sunlight.
  2. Soil Quality: Well-draining soil enriched with organic matter is essential for hibiscus. A slightly acidic to neutral pH level is ideal.
  3. Protection from Wind: Hibiscus plants can have long, delicate stems that are prone to breakage in strong winds. Plant them in a location shielded from heavy gusts.

How to Plant Hibiscus

  • For potted hibiscus plants, ensure their stems are at the soil surface.
  • To root cuttings in the spring, take 5 to 6-inch branches, remove lower leaves, and plant them in a mix of sand and peat.
  • Provide adequate spacing, considering the potential height and width of mature plants.
  • Water newly planted hibiscus thoroughly.

Growing Healthy Hibiscus

How to Care for Hibiscus

  • Hibiscus require frequent, deep watering, especially when young.
  • Mulch around the plant to retain moisture and protect roots during winter.
  • Encourage reblooming by deadheading spent flowers or pruning plants back after blooming.
  • Remember that perennial hibiscus will freeze back in winter, so cut old stems to the ground in late winter or early spring.

Fertilizing Your Hibiscus

  • Hibiscus are heavy feeders and benefit from a balanced fertilizer high in potassium and nitrogen.
  • Use a half-strength formulation every 2-3 weeks during the growing season for outdoor plants.
  • Indoors, apply a ½-strength fertilizer monthly in spring and summer, less frequently in winter.

Pruning Hibiscus

  • Prune hibiscus in late winter to encourage bushier growth.
  • Don’t hesitate to give your plant a thorough pruning if you want to maintain a smaller size.
  • Be aware that pruning may delay flowering, as it removes flower buds along with foliage.

Propagating Your Hibiscus

  • The easiest method is through vegetative cuttings.
  • Take 3″-5″ cuttings, dip in rooting hormone, and plant in a well-lit area.
  • After 3-5 weeks, they should develop strong roots and can be transplanted.

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Yellow Leaves

  • Caused by abrupt changes in soil moisture, air temperature, or drafts.
  • Avoid excessive watering, especially with older varieties.
  • Ensure proper fertilization.

Bud Drop

  • Caused by extreme temperatures.
  • Maintain daytime temperatures of 65°F-75°F for bud development.
  • Prevent drafts, provide consistent watering, and adequate light.


  • Aphids and spider mites are common pests.
  • Keep foliage clean by regular washing.
  • Use insecticidal soap or appropriate insecticides as needed.


Hibiscus, with their captivating blooms and vibrant foliage, are a fantastic addition to any garden or indoor plant collection. By understanding their specific care requirements, you can enjoy these tropical wonders in all their glory. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice, growing and caring for hibiscus can be a rewarding experience that adds a touch of exotic beauty to your life. So, embark on this hibiscus-growing journey and witness the spectacular transformation of your garden or indoor space. Happy gardening!

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