Types of Pothos

Pothos is a type of trailing vine plant that belongs to the Araceae family. Its scientific name is Epipremnum aureum, but it is also commonly known as devil’s ivy. It is a popular houseplant due to its ease of care, ability to thrive in low light conditions, and air-purifying qualities. Its leaves are heart-shaped and can come in different shades of green, yellow, or variegated patterns. It can grow up to several meters long, making it a great plant for hanging baskets or training along shelves and walls.

1. Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Golden Pothos, also known as Epipremnum aureum, is a classic and well-known type that is easy to recognize due to its distinctive heart-shaped green leaves tinged with golden hues. It is the most common variety plant and can easily be found at most garden centers or nurseries. This aroid tropical vine is native to French Polynesia and is known to grow as a ground cover and climb trees in the wild. It is an impressive plant, with mature leaves that can grow up to 2-3 feet long.

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2. Marble Queen Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’)

Marble Queen Pothos, also known as Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’, is a popular variety that features stunning white streaks running through its moss-green leaves and stems. While its unique variegation makes it a beautiful addition to any indoor space, it’s important to note that the growth of highly variegated plants, may be slower than their solid green counterparts due to their reduced chlorophyll levels.

3. Jade Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Jade’)

Jade Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum ‘Jade’, is a type that boasts solid, jade-green foliage. This plant is an excellent choice for indoor spaces with limited access to natural light, as it can thrive in a range of lighting conditions, from low light to bright indirect light. The leaves are slightly thinner than those of other varieties, such as Golden and Marble Queen, but are otherwise identical in shape and texture. The plant’s slender leaves give it a delicate and graceful appearance, making it a beautiful addition to any indoor space.

4. Neon Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’)

Neon Pothos, also known as Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’, is a vibrant and eye-catching variety. Its heart-shaped leaves are a brilliant shade of lime green, which is where the plant gets its name from. The younger, budding leaves have even more vivid colors, while the older, mature leaves have a strong neon undertone that continues to add a pop of brightness to any room.

5. Manjula Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Manjula’)

Manjula Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum ‘Manjula’, is a unique and patented variety that was developed by the University of Florida. The plant’s heart-shaped leaves have curvy edges that won’t lay flat, which is the primary characteristic that sets it apart from other types. In addition to its distinctive leaf shape, it has cream, silver, white, and green variegation on its leaves, giving it a beautiful and eye-catching appearance. As with other types, the leaves will look different from one another, with some having large green patches and others featuring a lot of freckles and other colors.

6. Jessenia Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Jessenia’)

Jessenia Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum ‘Jessenia’, is a highly variegated form of the more common Golden Pothos that was developed by Costa Farms. Its light green, heart-shaped leaves have chartreuse highlights, creating a stunning and unique appearance. Each individual leaf will turn out uniquely different from the others, similar to Marble Queen. Due to a lack of chlorophyll, Jessenia grows significantly more slowly than non-variegated types. One of the key differences between Jessenia and Marble Queen is the color of their variegation. Jessenia’s lime-green color is much darker than Marble Queen’s lighter, whiter color, making it easy to tell them apart.

7. Variegated Neon Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon Variegata’)

Variegated Neon Pothos, or Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon Variegata’, is a rare and stunning variety that combines the best qualities of both Neon and Golden Pothos. The leaves of this plant have a bright lemon-lime pigment, similar to Neon, but also feature ornamental variegation like that of Golden. Due to its rarity and unique beauty, it can be harder to find than other varieties, but it is well worth the search for any plant lover looking to add a special touch to their indoor space.

8. Pearls and Jade Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Pearls and Jade’)

The Pearls and Jade Pothos is a highly sought-after variety. Its unique variegation pattern sets it apart from other plants. The green leaves are variegated with silver-gray and white tones. Unlike other plants, the variegation appears on the edges of the leaves rather than the center, giving it a distinct look. The whiter parts of the foliage are frequently clouded with green and silver-gray hues, adding even more visual interest to this stunning plant. Like other varieties, Pearls and Jade It is relatively easy to care for and makes an excellent addition to any indoor garden.

9. N’Joy Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘N’Joy’)

The N’Joy Pothos, a newer variety, features light green leaves with heavy white flecking, making it heavily variegated. Unlike the Pearls & Jade and Marble Queen varieties, it lacks small splashes of green on its leaves, causing confusion between the three. Increasing the amount of bright light will cause the white variegation on the leaves of it to expand and spread.

10. Global Green Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Global Green’)

The Global Green Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Global Green’) is a newer member of family and stands out with its variegated foliage. The leaves have a mixture of dark and light green colors, with lighter shades in the center. The leaf coloring of it is similar to that of other variegated varieties such as N’Joy, Pearls & Jade. Although it is still a relatively uncommon type, it is becoming more popular, and you may be able to find it at garden centers and nurseries.

11. Glacier Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Glacier’)

The Glacier Pothos, also known as Epipremnum aureum ‘Glacier,’ is a unique cultivar with green foliage and white variegation complemented by silvery streaks. Unlike other varieties, it grows smaller and has rounder leaves that make it a great addition to small rooms or offices that require contained growth. This cultivar is not widely available in the market, and finding it may require a bit of effort. However, planting it with a moss pole or training it to climb upwards can enhance its beauty and reveal its full potential.

12. Snow Queen Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Snow Queen’)

The Snow Queen Pothos, also known as Epipremnum aureum ‘Snow Queen’, is a stunning variety with a white and green coloration. While it is similar to the Marble Queen, the Snow Queen has a greater amount of white with some green spots. As with other white-leaved plants, the Snow Queen grows slowly due to a lack of chlorophyll, and requires more light than green-leafed varieties.

13. Harlequin Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Harlequin’)

The Harlequin Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Harlequin’) is considered to be a highly variegated cultivar of the Manjula type, rather than its own distinct cultivar. However, its striking appearance is what makes it a popular choice among plant enthusiasts. Compared to the Manjula type, it has more white and dark green foliage, creating a strong contrast between the colors. The high level of variegation in this plant can make propagation challenging, as the lack of chlorophyll in some areas can make it difficult for cuttings to thrive. However, for those looking for a new challenge or wanting to focus on a single plant, it is a great choice.

14. Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’)

Cebu Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’) is a unique addition to the pothos family as it belongs to a different species (pinnatum) within the same genus (Epipremnum). Its leaves are slender and boast a beautiful silvery-green color, making it a must-have for plant collectors. Unlike other types with heart-shaped foliage, it has arrow-shaped blue-green leaves that exhibit a distinctive blue-metallic sheen. While younger leaves may have a vague arrow shape, they will grow larger and develop natural splits with adequate light. However, patience is required as the leaves need time to mature.

15. Baltic Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Baltic Blue’)

Baltic Blue Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Baltic Blue’) is a great choice if you want to grow a plant with the Swiss cheese-like holes of a monstera but without the extra care required. Its dark green leaves develop holes faster than a monstera and it’s much easier to maintain. This variety is versatile and can be grown in various settings, including moss poles, lateral desks, and hanging planters. It’s a low-maintenance option that offers a similar aesthetic to a more challenging plant.

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